Ufcw 1518 Collective Agreement

If you would like to join a union or speak to a union organizer, please contact us at ufcw1518.com/join-us. UFCW 1518 is concerned about the message to Save-On-Foods employees as the province enters the next phase of the pandemic. Last month, Darrell Jones, president of Save-On-Foods, said that “the company`s top priority is always the health and safety of team members […] They are the ones who leave their homes to help their neighbours put food on the table, and it is so important that they are recognized for their commitment to their communities. UFCW 1518 was surprised when Save-On-Foods decided to suddenly revive the pandemic bonus in light of its statements about the sacrifices made by their workers. Eva Prkachin, UFCW Press Officer 1518 604.612.1464 | communications@ufcw1518.com. “The work that Save-On Foods members are doing today is no different than the work they will do in a week,” Novak added. These workers protect everyone`s health and safety by maintaining improved plumbing techniques, physical monitoring, and storage shelves. It is right to extend the pandemic premium as we continue to fight COVID-19. Community Connections Support Services (General Services) Sobeys Capital Inc DBA Safeway Extra Agreement (Langley) The new contract also includes sick leave for non-Network A employees, the short-term disability plan and the reduction of qualifying time for the staff benefits program, domestic violence leave, including a paid daily component and key employees employed, will be paid with hours of more than 40 hours per week, if the license is not made available to them within the month. “Thanks to the care provided by our community health workers, many seniors and other vulnerable people can live independently in their homes. This is an essential service that is an integral part of our health care system,” said President Kim Novak. “With this collective agreement, our members are paid more fairly for the important work they do and are moving closer to equal pay with other health care workers.” Highlights of the agreement include: six per cent wage increases over three years for all workers; improving job security; Creation of a working group to study guaranteed hours of work and other issues, as well as additional funding for the Enhanced Disability Management Program.

UFCW 1518 is an organization of more than 21,000 workers in British Columbia, united by our belief in the dignity of workers and the right to fair and equitable treatment in the workplace. “Since MEC employees in Vancouver and Victoria voted to join a union, employees at all sites in British Columbia will immediately receive another raise,” said Kim Novak, President of UFCW 1518. CONTACT KATE Milberry UFCW Local Press Secretary 1518-604-526-1518 kmilberry@ufcw1518.com www.ufcw1518.com UFCW Local 1518 represents 24,000 members working in the health, hospitality, retail, industrial and professional sectors in British Columbia. This follows last week`s announcement that most of the issues, amounting to about $40 million in repairs for low wages, one of the biggest gains of the last round of negotiations, have been resolved. According to the Community Health Bargaining Association (CBA), a coordinated multi-union group to which UFCW 1518 belongs, and the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC), outstanding issues will be dealt with until June 30. The new collective agreement for UFCW 1518 members working in community health came into effect this week. The agreement provides for annual salary increases of two per cent over the next three years, in addition to improved benefits, provisions to improve planning and employee retention measures. The new agreement strengthens the wording of the quarterly audit by limiting the number of existing branches that can be audited in 2020, 2021 and 2022 to a maximum of five existing branches, without quarterly audits in 2018 or 2019. This means a long-term improvement in job security — in addition to maintaining members` salaries and benefits, the union said. Immediately after discovering that the bonus would end, UFCW 1518 asked Save-On-Foods to reintroduce the pandemic premium. Today, the union launched a letter campaign asking union members and members of the public to send a letter of support (ufcw1518.com/covid-19-save-on-foods) to Darrell Jones asking him to extend the pandemic bonus. The other main benefits of the contract are the 17 branches, which are removed from the quarterly audit and fully included in the collective agreement.

Combination of lump sum payments and more rewarding salary increases for Rate A and non-Network A employees, for Network A employees who have been hiring operations for years if those employees have worked less than 1,450 hours of work, and if all non-Network A workers move to a salary scale with an improved higher rate and all non-network employees A receive an increase after ratification, according to UFCW. United Trade Workers Canada (UFCW), members of Local 1518 working in 45 food-saving rentals in British Columbia, ratified a new collective agreement on June 16 that provides greater job security and domestic violence. UFCW Local 1518 represents more than 24,000 union members working in the health, hospitality, retail, food, industrial and professional sectors in British Columbia. “British Columbia is just beginning to relax its response to the pandemic, and the crisis is far from over, especially for front-line staff,” said Kim Novak, President of UFCW 1518. “There is still a lot of uncertainty about what might happen in the coming months. Meanwhile, Save-On Foods members continue to take risks by getting up every day to get to work. Continued recognition of this commitment is the minimum these workers earn. It is simply too early to end the pandemic premium.

On March 20, 2020, when the pandemic bonus was first announced, UFCW congratulated 1518 Save-On-Foods on this important step in identifying their employees for their important work. The new contract was negotiated by a bargaining committee made up of members from various companies in the province and UFCW 1518 lead negotiators. Union members submitted more than 3,500 bargaining proposals through an online portal and participated in the process throughout the negotiations through regular registrations at the public meeting. “Our members have told us that these wage increases are life-changing,” said Kim Novak, President of UFCW 1518. “With this new contract, Save-On-Foods members are helping to set a new standard for the food industry in British Columbia and bring thousands of workers closer to a living wage. And these increases are here to stay – they are not temporary due to the pandemic. Thousands of Save-On-Foods UFCW 1518 members in British Columbia voted overwhelmingly to ratify their new contract, bringing many significant improvements to thousands of workers. “Members have really moved this agreement forward,” said Erica Jones, a member of the bargaining committee.

“We`ve heard time and time again that general wage increases are top priorities for the lowest-paid Save-On-Foods members, and that`s what we fought for at the bargaining table.” UFCW 1518 represents about 2,000 of the 16,000 homeworkers who ratified the three-year contract with health care workers in the province last June. UFCW 1518 is one of British Columbia`s oldest and largest unions with a proud progressive history of over 100 years that improves the lives of B.C workers. UFCW 1518 Secretary and Treasurer Patrick Johnson said the union is looking forward to an initial contract for the Victoria and Vancouver sites. “Our members have not only retained the benefits they enjoyed, but have also made solid improvements. And MEC has implemented many of the same improvements, including an increase, in all MEC AVANT locations – despite the continued statements to the public mourning the financial blues. “We are very proud of the work of our bargaining committee and the commitment and solidarity of MEC workers,” said President Novak. And this isn`t the first time union representation has paid off for all MEC employees — not just those who are part of UFCW 1518, she added. “Nearly two weeks after workers at Vancouver`s flagship site voted to join our union, MEC announced wage increases for all MEC workers in Canada.