Settlement Agreement In Afrikaans

They have access to Afrikaans websites, news sites such as and Sake24, as well as Internet radio programmes such as Radio Sonder Grense, Bokradio and Radio Pretoria. There are also many artists who tour to bring Afrikaans to expats. Since the 1990s, various commercial translations of the Bible have also appeared in Afrikaans, such as The Boodskap and the Nuwe Lewende Vertaling. Most of these translations were published by Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy (CUM). [Citation required] [wave] The term is derived from the Dutch term “Afrikaansch”, which means “African”. [16] It was formerly called “Cape Dutch” (a term also used to collectively refer to the early settlers of Cape Town) or “Dutch cuisine” (a pejorative term that referred to Afrikaans in its previous days).