Nosm Collective Agreement

As you learned in medical school, your salary is set by a collective agreement between PARO and the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario. Here are the highlights of the current collective agreement. Another general objective is the strengthening of legislation to protect the rights to freedom of association without association and to free and fair collective bargaining. In Canada, governments have adopted permanent derogations from our human right to free association, undermining the rights of all Canadians. Both the International Labour Organization and, more recently, the Supreme Court of Canada, invoking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, have repeatedly condemned these legislative violations of our human rights. While we must continue to insist on stricter legislation that promotes justice, collective bargaining is more effective in many ways than legislation in ensuring justice and fairness in the workplace and in society. This is especially true for countries with low employment standards, such as Canada and its provinces, where analyses by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have shown that collective bargaining is essential to improving workers` rights beyond legal rights. “Local 677 members who will be laid off can be confident that we will challenge this unnecessary move by management on the grounds that they deliberately ignored the terms of their collective agreement.