Tapestry Staff Agreement

At the end you will find the latest changes to the contract, and we also have a PDF that highlights all the changes from the previous version of our contract. “Once again, thank you for being so strict on both data protection and protection.” Below are the answers to some of the questions we often ask about safety. Only you and those who allow you have access to your tapestry accounts. You can limit the people you allow to only be able to view data about certain children. We also compete with your data in a completely separate location, so that even in the unlikely event that your data is lost or damaged in the live system, for example. B if the servers on which they are stored are destroyed, we will be able to recover most of them. Yes, yes. A Manager of your Tapestry account can set the rules of a password, including its minimum length and whether special characters are needed. “I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your RGPD contract, I`ve had a few parents waiting for the final project after keeping them informed of how it comes, I`m absolutely confident to share one of the information written in it to assure them that they shouldn`t have any safety concerns, etc.” We are very proud of the trust we have in so many schools , institutions, facilitators and families to take care of the data added to Tapestry. We take our responsibilities very seriously. If you are considering a Tapestry subscription or if your child`s teachers are already using it, please click on the link below to download the contract with which we are asking for Tapestry customer approval. You`ll know more about what you can expect from us, what we expect from you, and how we make sure the data is kept safe. Please note that if your child care provider is based in Australia, they may have a slightly different contract, although the way we protect the data remains the same.

Employees can download a copy of their Tapestry account. Despite all this, security is as strong as the weak link. So we need to work with you, the people who access the account and add the account, to make sure the whole system is secure. This means, for example, that you set secure passwords that you don`t share with others and that you know exactly who you`re giving access to. This takes shape in different ways, including caution in usage, ensuring that all the software we use is up-to-date and fully tested, encrypting your data on our servers and connecting you to our servers, and setting independent businesses to verify that our systems are safe (what is called penetration testing). To keep our price low, we don`t do it. However, we take our commitments with you very seriously and will do everything we can to ensure that our service is always there when you need it. Yes, data is secured in a completely separate physical location. These should have no more than 24 hours and we should have 90 days of backup. Yes, managers can control what individuals can do and see in the “User Permissions” section. To keep our price low, we do not enter into custom contracts or complete security checklists. However, we hope that our contract, including its schedules, contains all the answers you need and covers all the events that worry you and that you can use them to fill out all the documents you need for your own systems.