Software Transfer Agreement Template

The vendor has some proprietary software and associated hardware described below (hereafter referred to as “software”) (Describe all transferred objects; Software, documentation, data and all other related materials: Global Id ID (GUID) Client Software This software developed by the University Hospital of Freiburg (UHF) is experimental and has no product status. In addition, you should keep in mind that this software does not have FDA or other national or international standards of medical/health legislation. Therefore, its use may be limited by existing laws or regulations. It is your sole responsibility to follow these statutes, rules and regulations and to use this software only for legitimate purposes. 8.6 Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement on the purpose of this agreement. It replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, insurance, representations and communications between the parties. 7.1 Help. The Assignor takes all measures and executes all documents, since the agent can reasonably require the transfer of the assigned property and the transfer of full and exclusive ownership of the property assigned to the agent. In addition, at the request and at the expense and expense of the agent, the agent is appointed without additional compensation, Immediately sign, execute, do and do all these acts, documents, actions and things that Assignee can reasonably require: The Center for Information Technology at the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. government agency, has some proprietary software and associated hardware, namely SCORHE (continuous rodent observation system in Home-Cage Environment), (hereafter referred to as “software”). The National Institutes of Health`s Center for Information Technology is committed to transferring this software to you.

5. Representations and guarantees. The Assignor assures and guarantees to the plenipotentiary that: the Assignor exclusively owns all rights, titles and interests on and on the assigned property; The Assignor has not granted or will not grant licences or other rights to property granted to third parties; The property assigned is free of any right to pledge, charge, interest in safety and limit transmission; To the agent`s knowledge, the intellectual property awarded under the assigned property does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties; there is no legal action, investigation, claim or procedure concerning assets surrendered pending or threatened. 2. Assignment. The Assignor heresibly and unconditionally assigns all rights, titles and interests of the assignor and the assigned quality to the plenipotentiary and its successors and to the beneficiaries of the assignment. The Zmittor continues to defer and return to the agent and his successors, permanently, irrevocable and unconditional, all claims relating to the past, present and future infringement or misappropriation of the intellectual property contained in the surrendered property, including all rights, to receive and recover all gains and damages resulting from a counterfeit misappropriation before the date of effect, as well as the right to grant authorization for past infringements. The Assignor herebly waives all the moral and individual rights that the Assignor may have over the delegated property and agrees not to enforce all the moral and personality rights that the Assignor may have over the delegated property.

This assignment and transfer agreement (“agreement”) is applicable from the same period between the