Non-Disclosure Agreement Untuk Karyawan

5. Employees understand and are willing to make a legal commitment, during the period of employment of the company and after the employee stops working for the company for any reason, the employee will not make, directly or indirectly, statements or comments that incite the good reputation of the company, the directors of the company, the employees of the company, the discretion of the company or the company`s products, defame or damage. to each party in all its forms. 3. The staff understands and is ready to legally commit that all CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION that has been documented either in writing and / or in other forms, but not limited to images; report; note; registration; Optical media that employees keep during their employment in the company are and will remain the full property of the company and will be returned to the company at the end of the employee`s employment in the company. The meeting of a confidentiality agreement differs from an employment contract in general. Where, you, as an entrepreneur, need to understand very well what are the risks that may arise in the future. In addition, you are required to write down the company`s terms and information that must be protected by confidentiality. But you don`t have to worry, because LIBERA is ready to help you conclude confidentiality agreements and help you identify risks that may arise in the future to be described in the agreement. one. Convince, encourage or influence employees who work for the company to leave their employment with the company.

The date of implementation of the NDA varies depending on the agreement. Some NDAs may be reported for a specific period of time. Some have also claimed until the death of one of the parties. However, if you decide not to sign two separate agreements, you can also add a section on confidential information in the employment contract. By signing an employment contract, employees are automatically required to treat the company`s confidential information. This NDA can be encoded under other names, for example. B: Confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement or protected information agreement. All of these terms relate to agreements between two or more parties to preserve confidentiality.

In practice, it is therefore important for companies to take over articles on confidentiality or sign confidentiality agreements with employees, in order to protect confidential information from leaks from an undesirable party such as commercial competitors. . . .