Nets Agreement

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: NETS reserves the right to change its policies and procedures, including those relating to the granting of miniplanes, from time to time after notification to miniplane holders. You acknowledge and agree that in addition to requesting a valid payment method, netS reserves the right to require a valid identity card and/or other information materials regarding the miniplan ticket holder. All information provided to NETS must be your own personal or business information. Unless otherwise stated, NETS uses the photo card only to verify compliance with this Agreement. In addition to this Agreement, use of permanent cards is subject to certain conditions of the Brooklyn Nets Season Ticket Policy (if any): and national basketball association rules and regulations, all of which may be amended from time to time. The current framework agreement is the most recent development after the companies announced the start of a 10-day exclusivity period on 2 November 2020, in order to reach a possible binding agreement for the merger. The Brooklyn Nets hired Kenny Atkinson as head coach after reaching a deal on April 17. In addition, the framework agreement follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by Nexi for the business combination with SIA, which is not directly related to the merger. TICKET RIGHTS: Mini-plan tickets and all rights therein are owned by Brooklyn Nets, LLC d/b/a Brooklyn Nets (the NETS). All rights granted to the purchaser (“you” or the “Mini Ticket Ticket”) of Miniplan Tickets under this Agreement (this “Agreement”) constitute a revocable license to participate in certain NETS home games played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. By checking the box below, you get a binding contract. Only the first name on an account is recognized as the holder of the miniplan ticket (provided that any authorized business manager can act with respect to corporate accounts). The payer receives confirmation that the contract application is registered and active when it is visible in the online bank.

Nets distributes the contractual information to the beneficiary`s bank for confirmation. Thank you for your submission. Your representative will contact you shortly to complete your purchase. If you have any questions, call 718-NETS-TIX or email E-Agreement is a service that can be used by the beneficiary who offers AvtaleGiro and/or eFaktura. The payee can forward the payer to the e-agreement solution with all relevant information, where the payer can enter into an AvtaleGiro agreement, an eFaktura agreement or both. The payer must authenticate with BankID. For AvtaleGiro, the agreement exists between the payer and the payer`s bank. Our new platform with different payment methods in an agreement First, you need to sign an agreement with our partner NETS. It`s free and only takes a few minutes: Italian payment technology company Nexi and Denmark-based digital payments provider Nets have signed a framework agreement to combine their operations through an all-sharing merger. In order for the payee to offer the payer the opportunity to enter into an agreement, the payer must send the payee information about both parties to the application of the electronic contract. .

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