Lu Agreement

We may refuse, condition or suspend transactions that we believe could: (i) violate this agreement or other agreements you have with Stripe; (ii) are not authorized, fraudulent or illegal; or (iii) you expose yourself to stripes or other unacceptable risks for stripe. If we suspect or you know that you are using or have used the Services for unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal purposes, we may disclose all information relating to such activities to the financial institution, supervisory authority or law enforcement authority, in accordance with our legal obligations. This information may contain information about you, your Stripe account, your customers, and transactions made through your use of the Services. one. Registration and permitted activities: Only companies (including individual entrepreneurs), bona bona bona profit organisations and other Luxembourg organisations or persons are authorised to apply for a Stripe account to use the services described in this Agreement. Stripe and its associates may offer services to you or your affiliated companies in other countries or regions under separate agreements. The agreement between Luxembourg and Germany on social security for teleworkers is extended until 31 August 2020. The educational institution or school can usually provide a standard form for an internship contract. The agreement must reflect the conditions and interests that are important to the university and the individual project. Anyone responsible for a project or agreement must therefore be informed in depth of these conditions.

In order to facilitate and expedite the processing of agreements, the Legal Service has developed a contract review guide that can be used for all types of agreements. The idea is that the guide allows you to better understand the content of the agreement when you are reviewing a draft contract and you can, to a greater extent, deal with contractual situations independently. The guide you reach by clicking on the link below lists the most common contractual provisions. It also gives you the position of the university on different topics, for draft agreements. In the university`s model agreements, there are examples of how the university prefers to formulate different contractual provisions. This Stripe Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is a beneficial legal agreement between Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd (“Stripe”, “we”, “us”) and the legal entity or person (“it”, “your” or “user”) who has registered on the Stripe Account page in order to obtain certain payment processing, data, technology and analytics services and other commercial services provided by Stripe and its associated companies. This Agreement describes the terms applicable to your use of the Services. The employer who wishes to hire an intern must conclude an internship contract or an internship contract (regulated internship). .