Define Agreement In Hebrew

Hebrews 9:15And it was for this reason that he created a new agreement, so that after the errors of the first convention had been corrected by his death, the Word of God could be effective for those who were marked for an eternal inheritance. (BBE) Genesis 17:10And this is the agreement you will have after you with me, you and your posterity: every man among you will submit to circumcision. (BBE) Genesis 17:21There will be my agreement with Isaac, whom Sarah will give birth a year after this period. (BBE) Matthew 5:25 Quickly reach an agreement with the one who has a reason against you in court while you are with him, lest he leave you to the judge, the judge will give you to the police, and you may be put in jail. (BBE) Okay (24 deposits). In Mark 14:56 is the word isos and has thought, That their words did not match, but also that the testimony did not correspond to …/a/agree.htm – 16k Romans 9:33In accordance with the statement of Scripture: “Behold, I put on the mount of Zion a stone on which men can stumble, and a stone on which they can stumble, and yet he whose faith rests on it will never have any reason to be ashamed.” (WEY) Contract (25 events). Noah Webster`s Dictionary 1. (n.) The act of treatment for the adaptation of differences, as for the conclusion of an agreement; The trial. …/t/treaty.htm – 16k 1 Corinthians 7:5 Do not listen to one another which is right, but only for a short time and by appointment, that you may go to prayer and gather again; So that Satan cannot surpass you by your loss of self-control. (BBE NAS RSV) John 9:22 They said this out of fear of the Jews: For the Jews agreed that if anyone said that Jesus was the Christ, he would have come out of the synagogue. (BBE) Titus 1:1Paul, servant of God and apostle of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the faith of the Saints of God and the full knowledge of what is true with religion, (BBE) Luke 12:58In that someone may have a legal cause against you and that you may go with him before the sovereign, try to find an agreement with him, Because if you don`t, he can get you in front of the judge, and the judge will turn you over to the police, and they will put you in jail. (BBE) Good deals (7 deposits). .

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