By What Name Do We Better Know The Peace Agreement Initiated On Aug 13 2020 Between Uae And Israel

In Israel, the development came at a dangerous time for Netanyahu, who heads a fragile and divided coalition government and is on trial for corruption. His annexation promise, which he had reiterated in the last three elections, had left him in a box after Mr. Kushner objected to him moving forward without working on Mr. Trump`s official peace plan. But shortly after Thursday`s deal, Netanyahu and his internal political rivals announced that they had made progress in coalition negotiations. On August 16, 2020, Israel and the United Arab Emirates opened direct telephone services. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the deal should be pursued by Israel by abandoning any plan to annex parts of the West Bank and that if the agreement could lead to its withdrawal from the Palestinian territories, it would bring the Middle East closer to peace. Otherwise, it would only exacerbate the Arab-Israeli conflict. [88] Jared Kushner, the top Trump administration official who participated in the negotiations of the deal, told CBS News that the deal would make the Middle East more peaceful and hopeful, meaning fewer U.S. troops would need to be deployed to the region. [43] Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo said the deal was an important step toward stabilizing the region and good for the world. [44] Netanyahu, who appeared before reporters in Jerusalem, hailed the deal as the greatest progress toward peace in the Arab world in decades.

The agreement was reached, he said, without Israel had to abandon territories it effectively controls for more than 50 years of conflict with the Palestinians. “Who would have ever imagined that there would be a peace agreement with an Arab country without our return to the 1967 borders,” Netanyahu said.