Joint Venture Agreement For Software Development

12. In order to avoid direct competition in the field of P. R. China as co-owner of the online series PP CE, CSP accepts and guarantees that there will be only one version (s) of PP CE Online Series (s) in the field of P. R. China. You may find that you have opportunities to sell to outright earlier than expected. We often advise our clients to start a business from the outset to own the intellectual property resulting from the joint venture. The company is often known is a special purpose vehicle (SPV). With respect to the sale of the intellectual property, a potential purchaser will purchase the shares of the UDC. The complexity of the transfer or licensing is eliminated and the buyer acquires the business and intellectual property in one fell swoop.

It`s almost always more attractive to a potential buyer. A joint enterprise agreement for the development and testing of drones may include liability in the event of overruns in the event of tests or accidents and property damage. Specific rights can also be shared between you and other parties to the joint venture. For example, you can retain the software`s license rights, while the right to transfer may depend on the consent of all parties. Non-intellectual property issues can and should also be addressed in IP joint venture agreements. A few examples are: the recipient is informed that this information may be subject to a confidentiality agreement. If such an agreement is not yet in force, the recipient acknowledges by the acceptance of this Agreement and agrees that the information contained in this contract is strictly protected and confidential and therefore cannot be published, reproduced, copied or communicated to persons other than the recipient`s staff subject to the same professional secrecy. 17. CSP acknowledges that all documents and information provided by E-ASP`s work as part of a larger overhaul of the CE Online PP, which has been or will be jointly possessed by the PSC and the E-ASP in relation to its performance, must be considered PSCs and the confidential and exclusive information of E-ASP (the “confidential information”).

As an illustration, but not as a restriction, confidential information includes software, trade secrets, processes, data, know-how, program codes, documentation, flow diagrams, algorithms, licenses, prices, costs and lists of collaborators and customers. The software to be developed can be assigned before it is designed. One solution is to start with the possession of software. 18. CSP acknowledges that E-ASP`s objective in pursuing implementation, if necessary by PP CE Online, is to gain a significant competitive advantage over competitors working in the absence of such software and that this advantage is compromised if these competitors are informed of E-ASP`s negotiations with CSP or the performance of its obligations by CSP under these commitments. Accordingly, CSP undertakes to deal with these negotiations and to comply with its obligations under this directive in a strictly confidential manner and not to disclose information to third parties or organizations without E-ASP`s prior written authorization. 1. Co-license/copy the Internet product together. CSP undertakes to do its best to promote the interests of its joint venture partnership with E-ASP under this agreement and undertakes not to compete, directly or indirectly, with E-ASP in the territory for the duration of the agreement.

19. CSP ensures that the PP does not infringe the copyrights, patents, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of third parties. CSP will compensate and unscath E-ASP from and against all infringement claims, losses, shares and claims, including, but not limited, legal fees, and will immediately correct the PP software after a claim in good faith in infringement so as not to violate E-ASP`s right to use the Software without any violation, nor to guarantee at its own expense.