Epping Nh Collective Bargaining Agreement

“During this crisis, distance learning is a necessary temporary response that protects the health and safety of our students, their members and their families,” said Megan Tuttle, President of NEA-NH. “We are pleased to reach this agreement to ensure continuity and consistency in the training of our students and recognize the important contribution made by each teacher, regardless of their professional description. We look forward to achieving the same result in districts across the country. “While each professional organization generally negotiates with its board of directors, we have been able to work together to reach this common agreement for the benefit of all students, teachers and staff in the district,” said Travis Thompson, joint chair of the SAU 16 commission. “Because of the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, we believed that we needed to respond in an unprecedented way to enable educators to complete their work and support student learning while working remotely.” A contribution to the NEA-NH Apple Corps Fund supports candidates who support public education, the rights of collective agreements and ensuring that every child in the NH receives a quality education. Nea-NH Local associations in the western region played very well in last night`s elections, particularly in Newport, where educators saw their efforts successful, their three-year contract expiring after years of work under an expired agreement. Grantham Education Association – 3 years CBA Fall Mountain Educational Support Staff – 3 years Please respect the rules of collective agreements for the pharmacy technician in some markets. “Negotiation teams have been working for many months on agreement on a number of important issues, and this regulation allows us all to focus where it needs to be, on our students and on their continued academic success in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Catherine Moran, the union`s negotiator, and John Wallin, the university`s negotiator. said in a joint statement thursday afternoon. “We believe this is a fair solution and look forward to continued cooperation.” The agreement stipulates that for the remainder of the school year: EXETER – The seven school boards in SAU 16 and the union representing teachers and paraprofits have signed an agreement on workers` procedures, while school buildings remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This joint agreement was signed on Thursday, April 16 by SAU 16 and the New Hampshire branch of the National Education Association (NEA-NH), which represents teachers and paraprofessional unions for SAU districts, and immediately came into force.

This temporary agreement applies only for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year and does not replace existing collective agreements within the district. The new collective agreement applies to teachers at UNH, United-AAUP until June 30, 2022. Teachers had been working without a contract for a few years. At municipal assemblies and elections, NEA-affiliated associations in the eastern region had nine agreements ratified by voters. Barrington Education Association Freedom Education Association Gov Wentworth Education Association Gov Wentworth Support Staff Association Northwood Educational Support Staff Nottingham Paraprofessionals Education Association at Rollinsford Education Association Tamworth Educational Support Professional Wakefield Paraprofessionals Union temporary agreement also allowed an amended April break that took place from Wednesday, April 8 to Friday, April 10.