Eit Health Project Grant Agreement

The relationships between the EIT and the innovation communities, as recipients of the EIT grant, are defined in agreements defining their respective rights and obligations, ensuring an adequate level of coordination and defining the notification mechanism, payment and control mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation of the activities and outcomes of the innovation community. Imperial College London played an important role in the creation of EIT Health, with funding from the European Institute of Innovation -Technology (EIT) and is currently a key member of the network. Since its inception, we have successfully completed several projects of different sizes. The EIT is part of H2020 and therefore follows the H2020 rules. The Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AMGA) describes eligible costs for H2020 projects. EIT Health calls are usually published once or twice a year. The financial rules for IAB projects are very similar to those of H2020, but some elements are unique to IABs. You can learn more about the EIT`s recent health appeals The EIT`s health business plan will have a maximum reimbursement rate of 80%, i.e. 20% of the costs will have to be borne by the EIT`s partnership and health organization. All projects are therefore encouraged to provide 20% co-financing. The selection of EIT Health portfolios is also controlled by the overall requirement to achieve an overall reimbursement rate of 80%.

All for-profit partners (with a legal form classified as “private” and “business”) must contribute at least 30% co-financing (maximum reimbursement rate of 70%) costs for all projects or activities in the EIT Health portfolio. However, partners that are “small” or “small business” SMEs can benefit from a maximum reimbursement rate of 100%. The EIT is part of the Horizon 2020 framework programme; This is why the texts of the agreements are based on the Horizon 2020 rules and the standard Horizon 2020 models. The agreements are signed by the Director of the EIT as the legal representative of the EIT and the CEO of the Innovation Community as the legal representative of the innovation community. A community innovation partner can benefit from the EIT grant by joining the VPA by signing an internal agreement with the legal entity of the innovation community and by signing the membership form (Annex IV of the VPA). Health EIT funding can be seen as added value for existing projects or as “foreground funding” and co-financing is needed. EIT Health KIC is a relatively new community of quality health innovators, supported by the European Union. Like other ICCs (knowledge and innovation communities), it promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and education throughout Europe. To discuss your ideas or to learn more about the projects we have successfully implemented – and on which we are working – contact Anca Mandruleanu, Program Manager, a.mandruleanu@imperial.ac.uk All health innovation projects funded through the 2021 tender – if successful – must support the financial viability of the EIT health organization and its ecosystem.